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About the company

We are a leading Tattoo Studio company with 13 of expertise, dedicated to delivering customized tattooing with international hygiene standards and exceptional experiences to our customers. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. 

job summary

Sales Executive

As a Sales Executive at a N.A Tattoo , you will be responsible for driving sales and creating a positive customer experience. Your primary role will be to engage with potential clients, understand their tattoo requirements, and recommend suitable designs and services. You will proactively promote the studio’s offerings, both in-person and online, to generate leads and convert them into sales. Additionally, you will maintain relationships with existing customers, ensuring their satisfaction and encouraging repeat business. A strong knowledge of tattoo art, excellent interpersonal skills, and a passion for customer service are essential for success in this role. Join our team and help individuals express their unique style through the art of tattoos.

job description

Sales Executive

  • Engage with potential clients, understand their tattoo concept, and guide them through the tattoo selection process.
  • Reach out to leads through calling to convert them into clients. 
  • Proactively promote the studio’s offerings both in-person and online to generate leads and convert them into satisfied customers.
  • Provide accurate information on pricing, procedures, and aftercare, ensuring clients feel informed and comfortable throughout their tattoo journey.
  • Build and maintain relationships with existing customers, delivering outstanding customer service, addressing inquiries, and fostering loyalty.
  • Coordinate appointments and ensure a smooth workflow in collaboration with talented tattoo artists.
  • Stay updated with current trends, industry events, and tattoo conventions to provide clients with the latest designs and styles.
  • Contribute to marketing efforts by assisting with social media management, organizing promotional campaigns, and participating in community outreach activities.
  • Thrive in a creative environment and share a passion for the art of tattooing.
  • Help individuals express their unique stories and personalities through the transformative power of tattoos.
Skills required

Sales Executive

  • Excellent communication skills in both English & Hindi
  • Bachelor’s degree in sales or any similar field
  • Must have a good hand on using computer
  • Work experience of a minimum 1 year at any sales job
  • Experience with calling, CRM, booking appointments