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About the company

We are a leading Tattoo Studio company with 13 of expertise, dedicated to delivering customized tattooing with international hygiene standards and exceptional experiences to our customers. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. 

job summary

Visual Storyteller

As a Visual Storyteller at a N.A Tattoo Studio, you will play a pivotal role in capturing the essence and narrative of the studio’s artistry, culture through compelling visuals and client experience. Your primary focus will be on creating engaging photography and videography content that showcases the tattoo artists’ work, studio atmosphere, and behind-the-scenes moments. Through your creative lens, you will help the studio communicate its brand story and connect with its target audience.

job description

Visual Storyteller

Key Responsibilities:

    1. Content Creation: Develop visually captivating photography and videography content that captures the intricate details of tattoo art, artist profiles, client interactions, and studio ambiance.

    2. Storytelling: Craft narratives that bring to life the journey behind each tattoo, highlighting the artistry, personal stories, and emotions that contribute to the studio’s unique identity.

    3. Photo and Video Production: Utilize professional camera equipment, lighting, and audio tools to capture high-quality images and videos that align with the studio’s aesthetic and messaging.

    4. Visual Strategy: Collaborate with the marketing team to conceptualize and execute a visual content strategy that resonates with the studio’s target audience and branding objectives.

    5. Event Coverage: Document studio events, guest artist appearances, and other relevant occasions through your lens to showcase the vibrancy and community spirit of the studio.

    6. Editing and Post-Production: Skillfully edit photos and videos to create polished and impactful visuals, incorporating appropriate music, effects, and transitions where needed.

    7. Platform Adaptation: Tailor visual content for various social media platforms and online channels, optimizing formats and lengths to maximize engagement.

    8. Brand Consistency: Ensure that all visual content maintains consistency with the studio’s brand identity, reinforcing its values and visual language.

    9. Community Engagement: Engage with the studio’s online community through comments, responses, and interactions related to your visuals, fostering a sense of connection.

    10. Trend Awareness: Stay up-to-date with visual storytelling trends, techniques, and technologies to keep the studio’s content fresh and innovative.

Skills required

Visual Storyteller

  • Proficiency in photography and videography, including shooting, editing, and post-production.
  • Strong creative vision and storytelling skills to effectively convey the artistry and culture of the tattoo studio.
  • Experience with professional camera equipment, lighting setups, and audio recording.
  • Proficiency in photo and video editing software (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro).
  • Strong attention to detail and a keen eye for capturing impactful moments.
  • Excellent communication skills to collaborate with artists, clients, and the marketing team.
  • Portfolio showcasing your ability to convey narratives through visuals.
  • Familiarity with social media platforms and their visual content requirements.
  • Adaptability to changing project needs and a fast-paced studio environment.