"Embrace Your Originality: Custom Tattoos with Guaranteed Ink!"

We can Turn your dream tattoo into reality by our award winning artists. customise your concept into a beautiful tattoo all with international hygiene standards.




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Get your dream tattoo personalised

Transform your concept into art with a free tattoo consultation. Our skilled artists craft personalised tattoo.

Be the Canvas of Creativity

We offer Free Tattoo Consultation where our artist discuss your concept and suggest you the best design, size and placement.

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Exclusive modern and unique tattoo design by our best artist specifically for you upon reques tattoo design by our best artist.


Exclusive modern and unique tattoo design by our best artist specifically for you upon reques tattoo design by our best artist.


Exclusive modern and unique tattoo design by our best artist specifically for you upon reques tattoo design by our best artist.



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Shayan Sharma
Shayan Sharma
I really loved the work of my artist nikhil. He is a amazing artist. Thankyou n.a tattoo for this experience😍
atul baghotia
atul baghotia
One of the best tattoo studio in Delhi-NCR. They have experienced and friendly staff. Had my full arm tattoo from artist Nikhil(5/5 stars for his art). Must visit studio if you are planning to get inked.
Prabhudatt Agrawal
Prabhudatt Agrawal
Excellent place and the prices were affordable as well.
Umang Pathak
Umang Pathak
Great artists, friendly ambience
prakhar verma
prakhar verma
All the artist are amazing and inside studio vides are really chill 😇🤘🏻
rupanshi rajrishi
rupanshi rajrishi
Best quality and service! Best tattoo studio in delhi!
Ankur Rohilla
Ankur Rohilla
Awesome artists and high standards work Highly recommended
Pablo Pérez
Pablo Pérez
Extremely happy with my Tattoo, by Sachin. Super hygienic place, great artists and good price too. They take really good care of their customers. Totally recommended.

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Most frequent questions and answers

As long as you go to a reputable artist that is following all recommended safety precautions, getting a tattoo is perfectly safe. Make sure you’re fully honest about any medical conditions. At N.A Tattoo Studio we make the best use of International Hygiene Standards and always use Single use needles, All of our set up is prepared with pre-wrapped equipments that avoids cross contamination. 

Pain is really relative. Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. We’re not going to kid you, though—it does hurt. Just not that much. Some have compared it to a “hot scratching feeling.” But, people would not be returning again and again for tattoo after tattoo if it hurt that bad. Most of us are not into pain, but the beauty of the tattoo and the pride associated with wearing it far outweighs a little pin-stick here and there.


What about using some kind of numbing cream?  We do use Numbing sprays to ease out the pain during the process if needed. 

When it comes to tattoos, you get what you pay for. Yes, there are plenty of people tattooing out there that will charge very little. But, look for quality, and be willing to pay for it.

Cost of a tattoo depends on various factors like size, design complexity and artist preference. Since we have a team of 6 artist charging differently, however the minimum price at the studio is ₹2000. We can recommend you the right artist as per your budget when we meet upon a design consultation.

Think of it this way: This is a piece of art you’ll wear for life.

This is all a matter of personal taste. You can get whatever you want, and whatever your artist is willing to do. 

If you have a concept in mind then feel free to book our free consultation where upon a visit our artist shall discuss the design concept and suggest you the best design, size and placement accordingly. 

Are you looking for an amazing tattoo studio in Delhi? Look no further than N.A Tattoo Studio! We offer high-quality tattoos that will leave a lasting impression on your skin. Not only are our tattoos beautiful and sophisticated, but our staff is top-notch, too. We have experienced artists who will take care of you from start to finish and make sure that your tattoo is exactly what you wanted it to be. We know that finding the right tattoo studio can be difficult, so we encourage you to give us a try! You won’t regret it.

N.A Tattoo Studio is the best tattoo studio in Delhi for a number of reasons. First, the shop is extremely clean and well-kept. The artists are also some of the most talented and skilled in the city. They take their time with each client to ensure that they are happy with their final product.

Additionally, N.A Tattoo Studio offers a wide range of services beyond just tattooing. They can help you with everything from piercings to body art consultations. This makes them a one-stop shop for all your body modification needs.

Finally, N.A Tattoo Studio has a great reputation within the community. They have been featured in numerous magazines and online articles, and they have won several awards for their work. This is evidence that they are not only the best tattoo studio in Delhi, but also one of the best in India as a whole.

If you’re looking for a tattoo studio in Delhi that offers a wide range of services, then look no further than N.A Tattoo Studio. This establishment is known for its skilled artists and talented makeup artists, who are more than capable of applying the perfect cosmetics to your tattoo. In addition to tattoos and makeup, this studio also offers piercing services. So whether you’re looking for a new ink or a new way to accessorize your existing body art, N.A Tattoo Studio has you covered.

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