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How much does a Tattoo Cost?

It is very hard to predict how much a tattoo will cost – the price always depends on 3 major factors, size of the tattoo, who is your tattoo artist and the complexity of the tattoo i.e details.

At N.A Tattoo Studio, we have a team of 9 artists with different pricing and expertise to suit your need. Assuming you want a basic minimal tattoo then you can choose any of our artists but if you are on a budget you can always prefer to choose an artist with 1-3 years of experience who does great basic work, and if you are looking for a super detailed piece then you also have the option to choose an experienced artist (over 5 years of experience) so you get all the details in.

The quality of equipment remains the same with every artist and only the style of work or experience changes. We charge as per size for small tattoos and as per hours for large tattoos as this is best for the client and artist.


Below you can get a rough idea as to how much your tattoo may cost you


Small Tattoos @ Rs. 5000 Onwards

Custom Tattoos @ Rs. 15000 Onwards

Forearm Tattoos @ Rs. 30000 Onwards

Portrait Tattoos @ Rs. 20000 Onwards

Armband Tattoos @ Rs. 20000 Onwards

Arm Tattoos @ Rs. 40000 Onwards

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