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Course 1

Basic Course

Fundamentals of drawing, fundamentals of photoshop, Equipment knowledge, stencil technique and placements, lining, shading & packing techniques, aftercare & hygiene, practice on synthetic skin.

Basic Course - Rs. 50,000

1 Month - 6 hours / Day
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Course 2

advance course

Everything in elementary course , fundamentals of digital designing, Anatomy and body flow, soft shading techniques, pepper shading techniques, portrait & realism techniques, marketing & studio management,

advance course - Rs. 1,50,000.

4 Months - 6 hours / Day
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Course 3

Next Level Ink: Advanced Tattoo Techniques

Specially designed for existing tattoo artists to help them boost their tattoo techniques. Cover the topics that you lack in the most be it soft shading, designing or marketing.

Next Level Ink: Advanced Tattoo Techniques - Rs. 40,000

15 Days- 6 hours / Day
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Course 4

Online Course (Basic)

Here I share my experience of 13 years with easy-to-understand videos. Learn all the skills and techniques required to become a Good Tattoo Artist.

Online Course (Basic). - Rs. 5,000

+ 20 lessons - 4:11 hours
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I Am Abhishek.

With 13 years of tattooing and business expertise, I helped build and grow over 70+ students. In the constantly changing field of tattooing, it is my mission to provide you with the skills to master the art of tattooing and techniques that will drive your tattooing journey and business growth.


Grow your knowledge and stay ahead in your tattooing journey

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